Thursday, May 28, 2015

Aerial Views at Sterling Vineyards

I don't think anyone in the party had ever been to Napa Valley before and the views here at Sterling Vineyards made the trip worth it all on their own. It came recommended from my parents who have visited California wine country many times. You reach the vineyard through a three minute ride on an aerial tram. It was worth it :) 

They felt the need to pretend to be serious wine snobs....
It lasted about a second, no surprise there! 

I wasn't quite ready for a picture

I caught the King at Selfies at work! 


And our next stop? 


Monday, May 25, 2015

A Little Cheese With That Wine?

I think there were maybe three thing that ran through my head when Mary and my's best friend Morgan told us she was engaged. The first, shock and excitement for her and Cooper. The second, a ton of eagerness to help in anyway with the following engagement parties, wedding planning, dress shopping and showers. And the third, was to start wondering where we were going go to go for her Bachelorette trip. 

There were several back-and-forth discussions with the four other people who would make up the Bridal Party. The Man of Honor, Andrew, was incredibly interested in either New Orleans or Mexico. But it was Mary who saved the day and suggested what ended up being an epic weekend: Napa and San Francisco. 

In total, we visited five different wineries, but we'll get to each in their turn :) Up first was the beautiful and majestic Castello Di Amorosa. Our bride was enchanted with the idea of visiting a castle  while we were there. Of course we made it our first stop!

They had a lovely assortment of tasting oils to choose from, all so good!
They had roosters walking (and running) about free

But seriously, what a wonderful view...
Castello di Amorosa was so beautiful....that the group ended up buying a case. I definitely didn't expect that so early in the morning, but we couldn't say no! My favorite wine from them by far was the 2010 Il Brigante, a very rich, fragrant and full bodied red wine blend. It's smell was so enticing and it tasted even better. Another favorite of the group was the 2012 Zingaro Old Vine Zinfandel. You could really taste the mix of spice and berry in it. When the Sommelier said it would pair perfectly with BBQ, all of us KC'ers immediately jumped on that band wagon. Mary bought a bottle for us to take to dinner:)

 And now a small sneak peak at our next stop...

Any guesses?!?