Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tonto National Park

This past week, I've had an amazing opportunity and I've been able to see some of our nation's Southwestern National Parks. A buddy of mine recently returned from a three year stint in China and he's been planning a massive road trip around the country as a way to celebrate his return. After our Spartan race this weekend, he invited me to hit the road with him. Our first stop was in Arizona and we went to Tonto National Park. My friend had secured two Ranger Guide tour passes that are elusive to most people. The tours to the upper dwelling are only offered five months out of the year and once a week with only to 15 people. It was well worth the October reservation and the views made you feel insignificant. It was a bit of a hike to the top but it was worth every step! It's absolutely incredible to think that the people who lived in these ruins were alive in the 1300's. For a point of historical reference, that's the same time as the Italian Renaissance and the start of the Ming Dynasty in China.