Monday, July 21, 2014


While taking a break from working today, I came across an article talking about the fat v. skinny debate.  Like most people today, I felt the need to at least skim it to see what it had to say. Maybe from a need for affirmation about where I am or to find a new way to lose those last 3 pounds, either way, I didn't get what I expected. I learned a new word (phrase?).

#thinspo - Short for thin inspiration, it refers to photos, or phrases that inspire thinness.  

I googled it and was devastated by some of the things I saw.  Yes, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle.  Eating healthy food, working out and generally taking care of yourself are good things, but the sad part is, so many people sacrifice their well bring for a particular look.  Whether looking for the thigh gap or more prominent collarbones, people are turning to #thinspo to help remind them of their goal.  Here are some of the #thinspo images you can find.

I get it. The desire to be skinny.  I was a ballet dancer growing up, and staring at myself in a leotard and tights for hours a day never exactly helped me feel good about myself.  I always wished I was just a bit skinnier or one jean size smaller. Since stopping ballet, I keep in shape now with cycling and other various workouts. There is one thing I learned in my desire to stay fit, I will NEVER be a size zero.  I may be able to get to a size two, but that will likely require multiple hours a day of working out and a strict diet. Not exactly attainable, plus I love food too much. 

Do I still look at photos of skinny celebrities and wish I could look like them? Yes, of course.  But then I remember the teams of people they have to help them look a certain way, the wonders of photoshop and, even then, they might just be skinny and not healthy.  

Now, I realize some people are naturally skinny.  I have a few friends that happen to fall into that category and I in no way mean to shame them because of how they are. It is how they are made, naturally.  This post is for the majority of people who are not like that. I hope that your reaction to these #thinspo photos is the same as mine, one of disgust.  Starvation is not the answer, throwing up is not the answer and neither is abusing laxatives.  Stop saying "I want to be skinny" and say "I want to be healthy." While living a healthy lifestyle may earn you a thigh gap, don't have your goal be to have the thigh gap.