Sunday, April 5, 2015

Christmas Traditions (a little late...)

Tunakan Family Christmas

It's been a while since either of my sisters, or myself, have created a new post. To be honest, it's been a pretty busy winter/holiday season. With Claire back at school, Mary and me working full time (and taking multiple ski trips for which you will see photos for later :) ) there wasn't much time to post. Let's hope this spring proves less busy! 

For longer than I have been alive, my dad's side of the family has gotten together every other year to celebrate Christmas. And there is one thing that the past generations have done much better than we have in past years: take family photos. With my awesome new camera we strived to remedy this problem and took some family photos that I'm sure will last a lifetime. Enjoy!

The Whole Family

Our matriarch and her children 

All the aunts, uncles and Grandmére

The Tunakan Cousins

Four generations: Grandmére, Aunt Leigh, Cousin Kim and Jackson Paul

The newlyweds! 

The Shubra Cousins

More photos to come later!