Sunday, April 26, 2015

More Christmas Traditions (more than a little late)...

And right after I promise to be more diligent, I continue to neglect...I'm sorry! And I don't even have the excuse of holidays and travel. Is it possible to have a New Year's Resolution with it's not the New Year? If not, then I give you a Spring Resolution: I WILL DO BETTER! 

Now that I have cleared that up :).....

Here are the rest of the formal family photos taken at Christmas. I mentioned in the previous post that every other year the entire of my dad's side of the family gets together for Christmas. Every year I am more grateful for getting this time together. With it, I feel that despite the distance that separates us, my sisters and I have been able to remain so close to our cousins. 

Grandmére and her eldest, Paul. His full name is Bulent Paul, after his father Tahir Bulent. My grandfather immigrated from Turkey in the '50's.

Claire, Mary and Me with our parents and Grandmére!

Claire, Mary and Elise 

Grandmére and her youngest, Aunt Anne

The Nelsons: Rowan, Tessa, Aunt Anne and Bri

- Elise