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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Captain, take us to the Golden Gate!

When planning for Morgan's trip, we knew that we were going to be in Napa for a bit but we also wanted to spend time in San Francisco. It was Mary's ingenious idea that we reach out to our uncle who lives in the bay area. He has a yacht and was more than happy to put it at our disposal: we provide the food and booze, he'll provide the boat. We took him up on it! The day started out heavily overcast, but after an hour the sun decided to come out and it was breathtaking. I have to say, yacht rides in the bay have their advantages: lots of site seeing and some amazing photos!

Here's the last adventure of Morgan's Bachelorette trip! Hard to believe it was over a year ago...

Our ride for the day.

Typical Titanic pose of course! 

The Captain, kindly pointing out landmarks

Our first glimpse of the Golden Gate! 

Captain Scott...trying to trick Mary that she'd hit something

Our Captain being goofy, per usual
Exhibit A: pretending to fall off the boat

Selfie King at work 
Got to get the right angle

First glimpse of Alcatraz!