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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Wine Will Continue Until...We're Out of Places to Stop

So, three wineries in and what do we do? Go to another. And it wasn't even our last (but that's to come)! This stop was another gift from Andrew's connections. Paraduxx is a winery that is part of the larger Duckhorn Vineyards family; another popular label from the family is Decoy. After having plenty of yummy whites at the last place, we took the opportunity to sample a lot more yummy reds. We stayed here for a while since the scenery was so amazing! 

Being behind the camera, Andrew and I decided to take some photos together :) We had a bit of fun to say the least! 

This left us more than a little concerned, but not concerned enough to stay away! 

Stick with us! There is still one more winery left!